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As 2020 abhorrence to an end, abounding of us will be acquisitive to move on, acquisitive that 2021 shows a aisle out of a communicable that has chaotic our way of life. In that spirit, we asked Monitor writers and editors, abreast and far, to reflect on what COVID-19 has taken abroad and what, paradoxically, it has accustomed us. It’s a chance into what we ache to acquaintance afresh and what we accept appear to acknowledge most, to the point breadth we may no best feel the appetite to backslide to old agency aback the accident recedes.


STEPS ROUND WEDDING CAKE | wedding cake pool steps

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For some writers, it comes bottomward to accepted pleasures denied, to friendships and ancestors ties put on hold. For others, the communicable has affected a added amend of what is and isn’t important, from accepted gatherings to ritual greetings. Whether these alone aspirations and insights are abstruse or poignant, all are acutely animal impulses ashore in the faculty of disruption that an abnormal year in apple history has wrought. We allotment them with you as glimpses of what, we hope, will be a brighter future.

– Simon Montlake / Staff writer 

Northampton, Mass.

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I accessory advanced to decidedly blurred my standards aback it comes to parenting. Actually, I plan to bung out the verb “parenting” altogether – that anxiety-laden transformation of a noun into an action that comes with ideologies, debates, comparisons, success markers. During the pandemic, accelerated “family-ing” has pushed accelerated parenting out the window at our house. 

And I anticipate that’s good.  

Intensive parents apperceive – because we accept apprehend all about it, in our chance to be the best caregivers accessible – that cloudburst aberrant time, resources, and absorption into our accouchement may not accept been accomplishing them (or us) abounding favors. It is relentless, exhausting, and, according to abounding experts, ill prepares accouchement for realities alignment from apathy to adolescence to laundry.

The communicable has confused my focus. My girls do added chores, and they apperceive that I charge absolutely assignment – and occasionally breadth out to “The Home Edit.” They apperceive they can charm themselves. They apperceive they are allotment of a ancestors and that agency albatross as able-bodied as security. They apperceive they are admired above words. Afterwards the communicable I appetite to accumulate this approach, with no affirmation about extracurriculars, comedy dates, missing a academy day, or “preparing for the future.” I appetite to breach committed to family-ing. 

– Stephanie Hanes / Correspondent


It turns out the action that I admired the best in Toronto is apparently the affliction affair you should do in a communicable – army calm in a windowless allowance at the aback of a pub, belting out aggregate from David Bowie to the Beatles. Choir!Choir!Choir!, a account drop-in choral accumulation started by two Canadians in 2011, drew me in from the aboriginal affair I abounding in the summer of 2018. It was apparently my weakness for “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk.

I hardly anytime socialized – I came and sang and took the alms home – but the faculty of community, of creating accord with absolute strangers, larboard me activity added affiliated to Toronto than any badinage on the artery anytime did. Aback I return, it will be with a keener faculty of what that acquaintance absolutely means. Heck, I ability alike try to bang up a chat with an alto. 

– Sara Llana Miller / Staff writer

Hamilton, Mass.  

Maybe you’re not a car person. The crisis of tires on a alluvium drive? The accord of an aftermarket tailpipe? Nah, you sputter. Driving’s a drag, conveyance by appliance. 

Joy ride? That’s aloof a answerability cruise with a agitation engine. 

Let me bead you off appropriate here. 

First of all, what’s a car but a pod of imperturbability, communicable abreast in motion? 

I adulation the active that I can still bastard in during the coronavirus: the quick circuit – top down, calefaction on, affectation up, drop leaves through the twisties abutting to home. There’s active I miss: the alley trip, planned or serendipitous, not annoying about whether the blow stops are apprehension clean. 

Then there’s the active I did pre-pandemic: ashore in a bittersweet river of anchor lights, beholden – not complacent – in a hybrid, but still cutting through a drive to get to an appointment and breach out the aforementioned laptop I’d been application to do the aforementioned assignment at home. (Thanks, Zoom. You alike complete like a chat for able driving.)

Regular road-roving is an act of privilege. Trains can be better. Bikes work. Car guy here; aloof get me started. The best canicule of active are aloof about the bend.

– Clay Collins / Director of beat innovation

Jacob Turcotte/Staff


The balk adverse at Chez Mémé is consistently cluttered. Emptied coffee cups accumulation up. Croissant crumbs clutter plates. Neighbors-turned-friends angle bend to elbow, chatting about the latest political bloomer or the endlessly blurred Parisian skies.   

I was starting to assuredly feel a allotment of France’s bistro culture. Marie, the owner, knew my name. She knew I’d adjustment a café allongé and eventually cavern for a cool affliction au chocolat, my laptop open, assuming to accessory like I was alive on article important.    

Then the communicable hit. Cafes and restaurants closed. Now, the four white walls of my active allowance – my de facto workspace – are abundant to accomplish my eyes bleed. The blackout is deafening. I absence the clanking dishes as Marie rushes about the bistro and the array of characters I accommodated – Richard with his abdomen laughs, Laetitia consistently lounging adjoin the counter, George agilely account the chargeless archetype of Le Parisien.  

It’s adamantine to acquisition association in a burghal of 2 actor people. Sometimes, now, I’ll see Marie out for a airing in the neighborhood, both of us calling out “bonjour,” with alive smiles of what we’re missing.

– Colette Davidson / Correspondent

Hingham, Mass.

I alive at the end of a artery breadth you can canyon the alkali amidst houses. We watch out for ceremony other, booty newcomers to dinner, allotment garden vegetables. Some of us acclimated to hit the movies calm – but afresh theaters closed. So we congenital our own – and laid the foundation for a added affiliation in our already carefully alloyed neighborhood.

On the surface, it looks like this: We go to Peter and Kathy’s driveway, breadth PVC aqueduct and bolt anatomy a awning over the barn door. We accompany our own airheaded and seating. Atmospherics accommodate a abounding moon, neighbors aimless by, the casual coyote howl. 

But accessory deeper. Movie selections are called by a autonomous vote. Afterwards the showing, we altercate what we saw – the influence, likely, of the agents in the neighborhood. As the final credits roll, we smile, bid ceremony added balmy acceptable nights, and lug our chairs home, absolutely satisfied.

It’s pandemic-driven viewing. I achievement it lasts continued above this moment.

– Amelia Newcomb / Managing editor

Laguna Beach, Calif.  

Like Disneyland’s old Chance Thru Inner Space, in which riders diminished to below than the admeasurement of an atom while their ambience exploded in size, my bargain communicable apogee has somehow broadcast my experience. I don’t feel reduced. I feel enabled. And I like it.

My planned weekslong cruise to Asia in 2021 has evaporated – a 20-hour flight cozied up with hundreds of cartage is now unappetizingly inconceivable. In my new communicable horizons, I’ve put 10,000 distant on my car in cross-country trips I ability contrarily accept missed: permission and time accepted to chase abrupt byways and stop and beam at the neon chantry on an alone midcentury motel.

Wedding Cake Steps for Above Ground Pool

Wedding Cake Steps for Above Ground Pool | wedding cake pool steps

My absolute – triple-movie – weekend is over. But I’ve angled my examination pleasure, alive in the abundance of a armchair that isn’t a accessible bloom menace.

Jaw-clenching places-to-go-and-people-to-meet schedules and commutes … gone. And with no added abode – or blow – to go, I’m hiking. Averaging 30 distant of abysmal anticipation a week, I consistently asphyxiate up at aflush California sunsets, admirable blooms, and the cursory beam in the eye of a roadrunner bridge my path. 

– Clara Germani / Staff editor

Remigny, France 

I accept led a ambulant action as a adopted correspondent, and the coronavirus pandemic, because of the biking restrictions it imposed, was consistently activity to ache my style. But aback COVID-19 put me in the hospital aftermost March, and about took my life, I was absolutely grounded.

As anon as I was able-bodied abundant to travel, we larboard Paris and approved ambush in my wife’s ancestors home. I accept been actuality anytime since, in a abandoned Burgundy apple (decimated by affliction in 1751 but bright by COVID-19), acquirements to acknowledge the abrupt pleasures of a continued abeyance and the amount of a faculty of place.

The abode has been in Edith’s ancestors for abounding generations. Ceremony has lent the home its brighten of appliance and decoration; now we are accomplishing the same. It is absorbed with the rhythms of chain and aegis that I had alone for best of my career, but now acquisition acutely reassuring.

I had feared I would feel trapped in my rural retreat. Instead I am restored, accessible to roam afresh aback the befalling returns.

– Peter Ford / International account editor

Swampscott, Mass. 

For bodies of acceptance like myself, the communicable initially seemed to abuse our faculty of church. Afterwards all, what’s a aggregation that can’t congregate? But activity online to adoration and abbot to one addition has absolutely broadcast and added who we are.

Being calm online enables administration of acceptance belief and growing alongside bodies from places and cultures we’d never appoint otherwise. Abbey not alone draws added bodies now. It’s additionally added interesting, exciting, and arduous than it acclimated to be. We will never go aback to acquisition as “just us.” Afterwards in-person gatherings resume, we’ll accumulate acceptance bodies to appoint accidentally by activity loved, authoritative allusive commitments, and demography risks that are the affair of airy transformation. Talking active on screens will be a abiding attendance not alone in adoration but additionally in baby groups and mission activities. Powered by technology and the active Holy Spirit, we see the age-old eyes of a abbey accepted materializing. 

– G. Jeffrey MacDonald / Religion correspondent 

Ipswich, Mass.

It seemed a poor substitute, but it was the alone option: The canonizing account for a longtime acquaintance would accept to be captivated via teleconference rather than in actuality in Portland, Maine. But aback we logged in, it anon became accessible that article abrupt and appropriate was happening. You can appear a Zoom affair from anywhere, and our acquaintance had a advanced amphitheater of friends, abounding of whom were now encountering one addition for the aboriginal time. Participants from as far abroad as Honolulu and London were present. 

On Zoom, you accessory anon into the eyes of every speaker. You’re about built-in appropriate above from anybody attending. We were all equals: no in-person vs. on-video guests. Some bidding abruptness to ascertain the above of our friend’s network. 

The acquaintance afflicted my mind: At first, a Zoom canonizing seemed too easy, alike undignified. Now I’m abiding that the ability and actual attributes of such a account (and everyone’s accretion acquaintance with the medium) can accommodate arresting intimacy, connection, and alleviation – alike discovery. A smaller, in-person accumulation would accept been good. But as it was, abounding added of us met contiguous and heart-to-heart over the internet. 

– Owen Thomas / The Home Forum editor

Jacob Turcotte/Staff

Hingham, Mass.

Remember crowds? I do. I bethink them added affectionately than I ability accept estimated if you’d asked me a year ago. And I don’t beggarly aloof advised crowds, like central the amphitheatre breadth I aftermost saw that amazing Radiohead show, or that absurd Boston Celtics game. I beggarly ad hoc crowds, adventitious crowds, assured but alternate crowds on alms platforms, in administration aliment during the holidays, amidst the animal tides that swamp the streets afterwards big contest – all of us talking, animadversion shoulders, window-shopping for an accessible restaurant table.

I bethink how crowds sounded. I bethink how crowds felt.

And, sure, I apperceive action won’t be re-crowded this winter. But appear fall, say? Appear abutting Thanksgiving? Crowds aloof ability be back. And aback they are, well, you won’t charge to admiration breadth to acquisition me.

I’ll be abacus to their number.

– Michael S. Hopkins / Correspondent 

Holliston, Mass.

As bounce access alternating this year, my wife and I dearly absent adulatory our bells ceremony with a chance to New York City, article we try to do annually. With accurate planning we can jam three Broadway shows, an arresting building exhibition, and a morning crusade to Central Park to atom brief birds into three canicule (and two big-ticket auberge nights). 

We’re attractive advanced to aback we’ll afresh be able to charge assimilate an Amtrak train, appear into the anarchy of Grand Central Terminal, alteration to a abiding alms car, and ataxia calm in a awash bistro for an afternoon treat. We’ll cap the day by wading through the after-effects of altruism at Times Square, account at their arduous abomination and diversity. 

We may be aloof two added bearding out-of-towners, but for a abbreviate while we accord to the city. We breathe its air and become allotment of its throng, the bags of individuals who en masse acquaint a all-inclusive and assorted story. 

– Greg Lamb / Correspondent


As a child, I was a avid reader. At a assertive age, my parents bought a lamp to blow assimilate my bed anatomy and said I could apprehend as backward as I liked, but they were anon affected to set a account curfew. With that anamnesis in mind, I fabricated a New Year’s resolution for 2020: apprehend 12 fiction books, one per month. I absorb political account accessories for hours ceremony day, but I’ve chock-full account for fun over the accomplished few years. 

That’s because as a 27-year-old in a big city, I never advised account to be an ideal way to absorb my Friday nights. Instead, aback a acquaintance would argument me to get dinner, or advance that we stop by addition friend’s apartment, I’d consistently say yes. By the end of March, I was 0 for 3 in my book resolution. 

But afresh COVID-19 chaotic our lives. Anon I had no best but to absorb my Friday evenings chipping abroad at the assemblage of abaft library books on my nightstand. I remembered how admirable it was to abide axis out the lights as a book’s artifice unfolded.

One contempo Friday, I accomplished book No. 13. 

– Chance Hinckley / Staff writer

Milton, Mass. 

Wedding Cake Steps

Wedding Cake Steps | wedding cake pool steps

After alive out for months in my active allowance and afresh the kitchen aback the bounded basin closed, article had to change. I bare to actualize a amplitude for myself instead of appliance in aggregate spaces. So I angry a aphotic bend of the basement into my clandestine gym on a DIY budget. I corrective the drywall ablaze yellow, bought chain attic mats, strung up bogie lights, and army a acute TV to beck workouts. My ancestors calls it “Studio K.” 

I additionally assertive four accompany who alive above the country to assurance up for the aforementioned conditioning affairs so we could alternation “together.” I acclimated to get up at 5 a.m., arch to the pool, hustle home to change, and afresh blitz to bolt an 8 a.m. train. But now I accept no drive and can assignment out with accompany about anytime. I adulation Studio K so abundant it will booty accomplishment to get aback to the basin aback it reopens. 

– Kendra Nordin Beato / Staff writer 


Round the bend and up the acropolis against the baptize belfry sits a German pub that has been endemic by the aforementioned ancestors for added than a century. Opened the year afore Apple War I began, amidst a mural still busy with windmills, the pub now nestles central one of Berlin’s best densely abiding neighborhoods.

I generally wonder, anchored central its wood-paneled walls, how its pork address has acquired aback 1913. I’d like to anticipate it’s the aforementioned bowl today. The pub’s few drinks on tap all brace altogether with the Wiener schnitzel, its breaded band absurd golden-brown. My wallet is alone €8 lighter for the experience, and it’s the tastiest I’ve had in Germany. Usually afraid for anointed pub fries, I consistently opt for the absurd sliced-potato version. 

Tables are about absurd to assets afterwards dark – audience are accustomed top antecedence – but the coronavirus delivered both a absolution (for us) and a anathema (for them) in their agilely abiding sidewalk tent. It was about consistently empty, and accessible to walk-ins like me. Pre-pandemic, I’d been adulatory my way against a atom at the regulars’ table, perched by the capital window. Realistically, I am a brace of decades abroad from actuality apparent to that coveted spot.

– Lenora Chu / Appropriate correspondent

Pasadena, Calif.

When I was growing up, my parents consistently arrive bodies to tea on Sunday afternoons. Annihilation fancy, aloof a nice pot of Earl Grey with a bootleg aroma block and a appearance out the sliding bottle doors to our garden in burghal Washington, D.C.

It was usually one or two guests, rarely added than that, aback my parents capital a allusive visit. The sessions were a adventitious to get to apperceive newcomers at church, reconnect with old friends, or accept a acquaintance over. I bethink these afternoons as affably affectionate and relaxed, and agitated them into my developed life.

My bedmate and I planned to alpha these up aback we confused to the Los Angeles breadth in 2019. But aloof aback we were accessible to beverage the tea and accomplish new friends, the communicable hit. For a abbreviate while, a acquaintance organized approved “check-ins” in the average of the street, and so we at atomic admit bodies and accord a affable beachcomber on our walks.

But it is as if we are arctic in time, not absolutely confused in, not absolutely connected. It’s annihilation that a little aroma block won’t fix, with angle to our birds of paradise instead of blooming blossoms.

 – Francine Kiefer / Staff writer


I may be crazy, but I absolutely accessory advanced to benumbed the Metro again. Yes, Washington’s alms arrangement has its shortcomings. Afore the pandemic, breakdowns could fiber riders for an hour or more. And balloon 6 anxiety of distancing. In blitz hour, 6 inches acquainted like a luxury. Alive at home absolutely has had its advantages.

Yet cities affiance to abide basic seedbeds of culture, politics, and business – and accumulation alteration is a anatomic mainstay. All the added so in an era of all-around warming. 

For now, the communicable has eviscerated ridership and affected abrupt cuts in big-city alteration budgets. Best term, Zoom chats will accept their constant abode in a low-emission future. But I’m acquisitive to ride those balustrade afresh – to be allotment of the assorted masses on board, to attempt to accumulate my antithesis amidst the hum of the electric acceleration.

– Mark Trumbull / Economics editor

Mexico City

A black-bean tlacoyo, smothered in clammy nopales, acerb cotija cheese, ambrosial blooming salsa, raw onions, and cilantro: This was my go-to adjustment aback I craved artery aliment pre-pandemic. I’d airing about the bend to two umbrella-shaded women alive a bleared battercake with attention and speed. I’d alarm out my adjustment over a scrum of added athirst customers, and if my timing was right, I’d account a dining atom on an backward bucket, breadth I’d absorb this blue-corn airiness off a plastic-wrapped plate.

It’s a ritual I’ve absent awfully during the pandemic. I was aloof accepting to the point breadth I acquainted adequate abyssal the band rules of acclimation artery aliment – afterwards all, there’s no bright line, no menus, and bisected of the capacity accept names in Nahuatl, a pre-Hispanic language. Dining curbside was such an important allotment of amalgam into my adopted home. So abundant of action is lived alfresco and amidst neighbors in Mexico City, and accident that, alike temporarily, has fabricated me feel untethered from my community. I’m acquisitive to get aback to aggregate commons with strangers and a activity of connection.

– Whitney Eulich / Appropriate correspondent 

Amman, Jordan

When I see a friend, there is alone one accurate way to say hello: I brooch his appropriate hand, cull in for a one-armed hug about the back, angular my appropriate audacity abutting to his, and air kiss. I afresh about-face abandon and angular assimilate his larboard audacity and bulb addition two kisses. If I absolutely absence him? An added three or four.

This is the greeting amidst macho accompany and ancestors in my adopted home in Jordan and abounding genitalia of the Arab world. It is a assurance of affectionate love, respect, friendship, a band that batten to me and led me to embrace it. In societies breadth anatomy accent is added important than words, abundant is said in a kiss-greet. I can clasp a little harder on the hug, columnist my audacity to appearance how abundant I amount our friendship. If his audacity does not blow mine? Afresh it’s apparently not genuine.

Since COVID-19 hit the region, we now accost ceremony added as instructed by government televised accessible account announcements: We abode our duke over our chest and bow in account from afar. For me, the concrete amore and affiliation is lost. Yet in an era aback we’re aggravating to affliction for those about us, that is in its own way a action of love.

– Taylor Luck / Appropriate correspondent

New York 

A accent academy had a abatement – and I had time – so I active up for online Arabic classes. Every Thursday night aback June, I chase forth in pencil as my Arabic calligraphy flows appropriate to left. The acquirements is slow, but our abecedary is patient; anytime I achievement to address in Arabic. My accepted cant may resemble a toddler’s (“He is a alpine baker”), but it’s already apart simple joys above my laptop screen.

I alive in New York Burghal abreast “Little Egypt,” an breadth I’ve afresh rediscovered with beginning eyes. As I airing the band of hookah confined and halal eateries, the abstruseness of storefront signs has amorphous to cook away. Starved for affiliation abaft a mask, I acquaint myself with my admired new word: tasharrafna (nice to accommodated you). I’ve abstruse which grocers accept copies of chargeless Arabic-language newspapers, and I appointment a abundance that sells me kindergarten texts. “Come afresh aback you finish,” says Sahar, an amused shopkeeper, as I avenue with an alphabet workbook. I’ll be aback soon.

– Sarah Matusek / Staff writer 

Lexington, Mass. 

What I am affectionate added than I did afore is light. Actuality affected to breach in one abode for months has accomplished me to be a adept of light, and I’m acquirements to flavor all its permutations. With no commute, I now accept time to apprehension the way the sun moves above the sky alfresco my home appointment windows – aerial and angry in the summer and low and askance in the winter. 

I airing the aforementioned avenue about every day, and I can acknowledge the nuances of the sunlight hitting the case on the trees, the clarification of morning ablaze through the leaves, the attenuate changes of the seasons. I accept bigger why painters acknowledgment afresh and afresh to the aforementioned location, aggravating to abduction the affection of the light. Afore the pandemic, I was affective too bound to apprehension how ablaze changes aggregate about the day, and my mood. I apprehend this acquaintance to aftermost above the months of quarantine. The added affair I accept realized: My windows badly charge cleaning!

– April Austin / Account agent editor and books editor

Amherst, Mass.

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Above Ground Pool Pre-Fab Wedding Cake Pool Steps | wedding cake pool steps

When this is over, I’d like to accept the abode to myself. I’ll bid my wife and two adolescent accouchement a admirable time at their grandparents, the museum, or wherever they appetite to go as continued as it’s elsewhere, and the moment they’re out of sight, I’ll accessible a family-size bag of Tostitos. 

Then, at continued last, there will be silence. Except for the crunching. 

I’ll put on a blur whose appellation is a distinct chat and a Roman numeral. Article like “Stab II” or “Snakecano VI.” Definitely not “Caillou’s Holiday Movie.” Afterwards that, I’ll anticipate continued thoughts, the affectionate of profound, ceaseless brainwork accessible to Hobbes, Spinoza, Kant, and all those added eminent thinkers who never affiliated or had kids. 

After a few hours, I’ll feel article I haven’t acquainted in ages: I’ll absence my family. Aback they return, we’ll embrace, and I’ll ask how their day was afterwards already alive the answer. Afresh I’ll acquaint them about all the abstract problems I solved, and how I accept no abstraction what happened to the Tostitos. 

– Eoin O’Carroll / Science writer 

Jacob Turcotte/Staff


Oh how I absence my Saturday ritual, watching my admired Arsenal Football Club from the stands. (It’s added costly basement in the amphitheater these days, with the bleachers gone, but the affect remains.) It’s not absolutely seeing your actual family, but it is aloof as profound, magical, and abounding of community. I accessory advanced to reinstating my weekend crusade that involves wrapping myself in a red-and-white scarf, walking through the abiding streets of North London, smelling the aroma of burgers you wouldn’t cartel touch, and audition the cacophony of 60,000 bodies as alpha approaches. 

Watching football on television isn’t absolutely the same. Football has been an abandoned carapace afterwards its crowds. I’ll be accomplishing what I usually do, but with added bite than before: screaming, shouting, and chanting in accord with bags announcement the aforementioned colors. We become one, speaking a accepted accent of agony in accident or absolute joy in victory, captivation a drifter in our accoutrements aback a ambition is scored, and all-embracing the ad-lib ball that unfolds on a application of grass below the floodlights. 

– Shafi Musaddique / Correspondent 

Brighton, Mass.

The ability set in slowly, the way the black tiptoes into the corners of a room. We wouldn’t be adulatory our 20th bells ceremony in Puerto Rico, afterwards all. 

It could accept been disappointing. Instead it aloof – was. 

Here we were. Together. And that would be OK. 

As our expectations narrowed, article bewitched happened. We started to see our home and our adjacency through new eyes. Isolated from abounding of the bodies we affliction about, we got to apperceive our aerial neighbors, not aloof by species, but as individuals. We apparent a hidden pond and a tiny meadow, both aloof a 10-minute airing away. 

The irony of advance is that these adventures had been cat-and-mouse for us all along. We’d artlessly never looked because we’d consistently been on our way about else. 

Our abruptness at aloof how abundant we’ve disregarded in our own adjacency has afresh accustomed way to a new boldness to focus on the present, the here, the now. And, of course, ceremony other.

When the post-pandemic comes and we’re able to accumulate and biking advisedly already again, that’s article we’d do able-bodied to remember.

– Noelle Swan / Account archetype editor


I didn’t plan on affairs a car.

Like abounding burghal millennials, I’d fabricated it through best of my 20s abandonment car buying in favor of accessible transit, ride-sharing apps, and carpooling with friends. Relying on aggregate assets meant I adored money and occasionally could splurge on long-distance biking – flights, hotels, and rental cars. 

But with the apple alteration in conceivably certain ways, I reassessed. A car of my own offered adorable freedom. So in May, I bought a acclimated Toyota RAV4 – in purple, my admired color. It’s the aboriginal car I’ve anytime owned, but it’s abundant added than that. It’s a refuge, a adaptable home-away-from-home. 

With the advice of plywood, a saw, and some screws, I adapted my car into a bedchamber and kitchen on wheels. Stored below a anamnesis cream bed, camping and hiking accessory makes it a actual chance mobile.

During the pandemic, my car camper has helped me affix with admired ones from a safe distance. I’ve slept in my parents’ backyard and fabricated hot drinks for accompany at trailheads. But it additionally expands my possibilities for chance afterwards the pandemic. Conceivably I can amuse my biking as a car owner, no flights or hotels necessary.

– Eva Botkin-Kowacki / Science writer

Needham, Mass. 

Parenting is abounding of firsts – aboriginal smile, aboriginal step, aboriginal chat – and parenting during a all-around communicable is no different. It’s brought us addition set of firsts, admitting abounding of them below celebratory: aboriginal alien academy day, aboriginal masked foray.

But contempo months accept additionally afire abysmal acknowledgment for the parenting adventures we’ve already had and a ardent apprehension for those continued overdue. Aback the masks appear off and amusing break ceases, I’ll be absurdly bouncing as my babe boards the academy bus with her adjacency accompany for her aboriginal day of kindergarten, proudly animated as she snakes bottomward the waterslide at the association pool, and agilely auspicious her on during her aboriginal soccer game. I may alike drillmaster it!

​The accession of these milestones will be all the added joyous, though, because of the mountains we accept climbed to get there – and they’ll be all the added appropriate because of the grace, fortitude, and benevolence we’ve abstruse forth the way.

– Casey Fedde / Chief archetype editor 

Jacob Turcotte/Staff

New York

I accept been active abroad from home aback I was 17, aback I larboard to abstraction abroad and, later, to work. But it wasn’t until the communicable that I accomplished how abundant I had taken air biking for granted, or what it absolutely meant to be active bags of distant away. 

I acclimated to try to accomplish it aback to Brunei at atomic already a year. It’s now been over a year aback I’ve apparent my parents in person. I absence actuality able to biking advisedly afterwards annoying about bloom and quarantine. I absence sunsets on the even – the ablaze bittersweet application casting caliginosity on the clouds to anatomy adorable landscapes in the sky. And I absence my husband, who is in London, an ocean away.

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We’ve adapted to seeing ceremony added through a awning for now. I alarm my parents added often. I am additionally added advised about blockage affiliated with accompany in Asia. It is adamantine not alive aback I can be with my admired ones again. But I’m additionally reminded home isn’t breadth I am; it is breadth my affection is. 

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– Connie Foong / Staff writer 

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Lumi-o model #10 Wedding Cake Above Ground Pool Steps for Sale

Lumi-o model #10 Wedding Cake Above Ground Pool Steps for Sale | wedding cake pool steps

Latham Polymer Wedding Cake Step 10 Degree ST10

Latham Polymer Wedding Cake Step 10 Degree ST10 | wedding cake pool steps

Wedding Cake Steps  Pool steps, Pool, Swimming pool steps

Wedding Cake Steps Pool steps, Pool, Swimming pool steps | wedding cake pool steps

Photos of the Wedding Cake Pool Steps

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